About the review

1. Why are we doing this end-to-end review?

After conducting the Salaried Team Pay Review, we have been undertaking an extensive proactive review of our payroll systems and processes to check our compliance with  employee entitlements and enterprise agreements. We are being thorough and committed to identifying, remediating and rectifying any issues we identify as quickly as possible.

2. How have these retail enterprise agreement issues been discovered?

We identified inadvertent errors through a proactive review we initiated to check that we are paying all of our team members correctly. After reviewing the systems configuration and payroll processes for our retail enterprise agreements, we have regrettably discovered that some of our hourly paid team members covered by the BIG W Stores Agreement 2019 and the Woolworths Supermarkets Agreement 2018 have not been paid in line with their full entitlements. We will pay back what we owe affected team members, with interest, and introduce the right controls to help prevent further errors.

3. Who does the retail enterprise agreement review cover?

We have been reviewing our payroll systems and processes for our hourly paid retail team members covered by the enterprise agreements below:

  • Woolworths Supermarkets Agreement 2018
  • BIG W Stores Agreement 2019
  • Jack Butler & Staff Pty Ltd Enterprise Agreement 2017

We have not yet identified which team members may be entitled to a back payment. If you are entitled to any back payment as a result of our review, we will write to you across the second half of calendar year 2022.

4. Who does the long service leave review cover?

We have been reviewing our payroll systems configuration for calculating long service leave payments for all Woolworths Group salaried and hourly paid team members in all states and territories across Australia. 

We have nearly completed this review and we expect to make contact with any affected team members who are entitled to a back payment between April and August 2022.

5. When will you finish the Salaried Team Pay Review review?

We have completed our review and made back payments to affected salaried store team members in our Supermarkets, Metro, BIG W and previously Woolworths Group-operated BWS and Dan Murphy’s stores for a 6 year period from September 2013 to September 2019.

6. How is the ALH review progressing? I am a former team member and I would like to know more?

The Endeavour Group, which owns ALH Group, was demerged from the Woolworths Group in 2021. Woolworths Group no longer supports queries for ALH Group team members who are part of the Endeavour Group. Endeavour Group will be in contact with any current team members that are due a payment prior to Christmas 2021 and past employees as soon as practicable thereafter. 

Should you require access to your Time and Attendance or Payroll records you will need to request these by email to salaryteampayreview@alhgroup.com.au.

7. What steps have you taken to ensure salaried team members aren't still being underpaid?

We have evaluated our store team salaries to ensure they're compliant against the General Retail Industry Award. Where necessary, we have increased salaries and introduced additional allowances. 

We have also developed and communicated new rostering principles. We will conduct regular checks on the specific rosters worked by our salaried team members to ensure their pay is high enough against the Award.

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