About the review

1. Why are we doing this end-to-end review?

After conducting the Salaried Team Pay Review, we have been undertaking an extensive proactive review of our payroll systems and processes to check our compliance with  employee entitlements and enterprise agreements. We are being thorough and committed to identifying, remediating and rectifying any issues we identify as quickly as possible.

2. I feel I have been impacted, but I have not heard any correspondence from Woolworths Group - what can I do?

Please contact our team and we will look into your query in an accurate, and timely manner.

3. I’d like to know more information about the Primary Connect Enterprise Agreements Review. How is the review progressing?

We are continuing to work through each Primary Connect site, and the relevant Enterprise Agreements, to better understand the reasons for these discrepancies and unexpected outcomes. 

We anticipate it will take some time to determine individual team outcomes for both current and former team members. 

We will provide regular updates as the review progresses.

4. How is the ALH review progressing? I am a former team member and I would like to know more?

We have been reviewing our payroll systems configuration for calculating long service leave payments for all Woolworths Group salaried and hourly paid team members in all states and territories across Australia. 

We have nearly completed this review and we expect to make contact with any affected team members who are entitled to a back payment between April and August 2022.

If you are a current team
member, please go to
WoW People Portal


If you are a former team
member, please use the
Former Team Contact Form