About the review

1. How is the Salaried Team Pay Review progressing?

We are conducting our review in stages in order to be able to make back payments to our affected salaried team members as quickly as possible. 

We have completed our review and made back payments to affected salaried store team members in our Supermarkets, Metro, and BIG W stores for a 6 year period from September 2013 to September 2019. We aim to be in position to communicate outcomes to BWS and Dan Murphy’s salaried store team members for the second phase of our review covering the period prior to March 2015 by mid March 2021. 

We will continue to keep our team members updated. If team members have any further questions in the meantime, we encourage them to contact us by email at salariedteampayreview@woolworths.com.au.

2. I’ve received my back payment, but I have questions and I’d like more information - what can I do?

In addition to your outcome letter, you will have received a Team Member Guide. The Guide tells you how to get in contact with the STPR Team if you have any queries or concerns. 

If you would like to speak to a member of the STPR Team or you would like to know more about the calculation of your outcome, you can send us an email at salariedteampayreview@woolworths.com.au. Your email should include the following information: 

  • full name;
  • former employee / payroll ID;
  • nature of your query. 

This information will help us respond to your query in an accurate and timely manner. We will aim to respond to your query within 14 business days.

3. I’m unhappy with the STPR review - what should I do?

We have established a review process to give our current and former team members an avenue for raising any queries or concerns in relation to the STPR process, including the outcome of the STPR review. 

We are hopeful that most queries can be resolved by the STPR Team in the first step of the review process. But, if this is not possible, we will escalate any query or concern in line with the steps below:  

  • Step one: If you have any query or concern about the STPR review (including your outcome), please send an email to the STPR Team at salariedpayteamreview@woolworths.com.au. The STPR Team will aim to respond within 14 business days. 
  • Step two: If the STPR Team cannot resolve your query or concern, we will escalate it to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) if it relates to the calculation of your outcome. PwC will endeavour to explain the calculation of your STPR outcome in detail.
  • Step three: If PwC cannot resolve your query or concern, or if it relates to an issue other than the calculation of your STPR outcome, we will escalate it to the Employee Relations Team. The Employee Relations Team may escalate the matter to senior leaders as part of this step. The Employee Relations team will respond to you and aim to resolve your query or concern. 
  • Step four: If the Employee Relations Team cannot resolve your query or concern, you can choose to have your matter referred to Mr Greg Harrison, a workplace relations expert and former member of the Fair Work Commission, for an independent external review.

4. When will you finish the STPR review?

We remain focused on addressing all payment shortfalls as quickly as possible. 

We have completed our review in relation to salaried store team members working in Supermarkets, Metro and BIG W stores for a 6 year period from September 2013 to September 2019.

We aim to complete the second phase of our review covering the period prior to March 2015 in our BWS and Dan Murphy’s stores by the end of March 2021.

5. How is the ALH review progressing? I am a former team member and I would like to know more?

The ALH review is continuing to progress across both retail and venue sites, with the ALH team working hard to get the right outcomes for team. The ALH review will take some more time to move through the final stages to completion, but we expect to have an update before the end of the 2021 financial year. 

In the meantime, we encourage former salaried ALH team members to register their contact details by clicking the registration link above or by sending an email to the STPR Team at salariedteampayreview@woolworths.com.au.

6. What steps have you taken to ensure salaried team members aren't still being underpaid?

We have processes in place to ensure our team members’ pay arrangements are correct and compliant moving forward.

We have evaluated our store team salaries to ensure they're compliant against the General Retail Industry Award. Where necessary, we have increased salaries and introduced additional allowances. 

We have also developed and communicated new rostering principles. We will conduct regular checks on the specific rosters worked by our salaried team members to ensure their pay is high enough against the Award.

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